Golf-Centric Social Media App Development
When the whole world is going social, why not golfers too?

Based on the same idea, client and Tekrevol partnered on building a social media platform for global golfers where they could exchange their golfing experiences and equipment!

The Idea Behind TeeMates

Client wished to create an all-in-one social media platform fully dedicated to golfers. She wanted to break geographic barriers, and help golfers find mates who have similar passion.

During the discovery stage, our creative and development teams realized that golfers needed not only an app, but a community platform where they could discuss inspirations, experiences and challenges of this very sport, hold local networking events and buy and sell equipment that could help others level up their game.

Trigency Solution

We started the development phase of TeeMates Golf with a goal in mind: it had to be a success story – not only for us but for the overall golfing ecosystem that it would socialize.

It had to be a user-friendly app, with a content-centric flow so golfers could share their stories in real time using different formats: simple texts, images and videos – as they love.

Driving for success, we created an application that is super intuitive, allows personalizationand organization of Tee Times, has built-in eCommerce features where multiple buyers and sellers can create and maintain their trade profiles.


We keep it classic and in style.

SF Pro





We choose calm, natural color palettes.

App Features

TeeMates is a one-of-a-kind social media mobile application – a feature-packed, dedicated space for global golfers with following interactive features:

1. Cross-Platform application

Our client was looking for a social networking app that would serve the users of multiple devices. Our team developed the app for two major digital channels: Android and iOS. Users can login using their Facebook or Apple credentials.

2. Dark Mode

Considering the average screen times on social media apps, our designers wanted to create app experiences that would not cause eye strains with prolonged usage. The app, depending on the smartphone settings, can adjust to current light settings and reduce battery consumption during specific hours.

3. Marketplace

The app has a built-in online store feature. Buyers and sellers can exchange comprehensive catalogues of golf products, perform quick checkouts, send and receive online payments, track the status of their orders and delivery.

Social Features

Similar to Facebook in functionality, TeeMates has specific features that make socializing easier like never before.

1. Create and connect with other golfing profiles

App users can create new profiles, add their personal information, network with golfing mates in nearby areas, and share their stories via visuals.

2. Chat

No more fixing tee times on WhatsApp or iMessages. Chat with golfer friends and stores within the app only!

3. Organize TeeTimes

Tee times, the golf-centric meetups are reservations of golf courses. Users can organize new TeeTimes in the app, exchange schedules, update their availability for new tee times, and invite other golfers (max four in a batch).

The Result

TeeMates, as it was supposed to be, matched our overall quality standards and passed the testing phase as smoothly as we had envisioned. It is now a bug-free, golf networking platform with intuitive interface, one-touch functionality and a marketplace that’s becoming more popular each day.

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